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  • Bonita Joy Yoder, J.D., attorney turned edutainer, presents a way to ignite and embrace humor in your business, your relationships and your life

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    Funny is MONEY!

  • Increased conversion of leads and higher revenues. It has been said that “Funny is money”. If you engage your prospects more whether in person or on Facebook, more of your leads convert to sales. Sales results in greater revenue for the company.

  • Building relationships: Laughter helps bond with your prospect, customer, employee and others in business relationships. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Humor helps accomplish all three.

  • Increasing the retention of the listeners: audiences listen more to presentations, videos and online video courses that include humor. Better listening leads to better retention of the material.

  • Keeping audiences awake and engaged in meetings and presentations: audiences tend to tune out. Watching a “skateboarding cat” on a phone can be more engaging than a dry, boring speaker. Humor helps keep the listeners engaged.

  • A culture of humor leads to happier employees: Face it, employee retention is a big concern among businesses. A fun workplace leads to happier employees, less employee turnover and less downtime.

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    Bonita JOY Yoder, “The Court Jester”

    As a recovering attorney now “Court Jester” Bonita JOY Yoder speaks, emcees and edutains. She brings humor into her presentations through her ventriloquism puppet friends, who love to co-emcee and comment on situational humor that happens during an event.

    Her experience includes magic and ventriloquism shows, over 25 years of law practice and real estate investments. She is the author of an award-winning book, “The Heart and Soul of Real Estate”. Yoder is a former syndicated magazine columnist.

    Talk to Bonita JOY Yoder about your humor needs for your business culture or bringing light-mindedness and light-heartedeness to conferences, unconventional funny video marketing and online training.

    Email:[email protected]

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